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"'Media Secrets' is the new Bible for media training. It contains every single thing one needs before doing a media interview from 'what to say' to 'what to wear' this book has it all.

I particularly like the sound bite quote system. This is an extremely important part of any interview. "

"Jess Todtfeld has left no stone unturned" - Mary Reilly

"Jess Todtfeld has left no stone unturned, yet the magic of the book is that it is not at all overwhelming. It is a pretty quick read that covers an enormous amount of information--particularly in today's media, digital and social media Age."

"Takes the mystery out of working with all types of media" - Barbara Baron

"Jess Todtfeld, takes his experience and takes the mystery out of working with all types of media so you look and sound your best to gain traction for your message."

"Jess is THE professional go to for media training" - Russell Gaede

"'I first heard Jess speak a couple of years ago. He has been an inspiration to me ever since. I was excited when this book came out. This book is full of useful information and is a must have for any entrepreneur that wants to know how to make the most of their media exposure. "

"He's amazing at distilling a lifetime of information and experience into a book that's easy to read"
- Bobbi Klein MD

"...Just as important, he gives you very actionable steps that you can easily follow... Grab it if you have ANY interest in interfacing with the media."

"The Media Master, Sharing Years of Advice - A MUST READ!
-Ramon Ray

"Jess a master of educating, informing and transferring hope to the reader. Getting media coverage is part part art and part science and "Media Secrets" helps the reader to understand why media coverage is so important and how to do it. It's a must read for any business owner who wants to get to the next level."
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